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3.2m Wide format Eco-Solvent printer

VE-3204X Printer Brochure

Feature :

  • World First Pansonic Printhead Adopted.
  • 8 Printhead Stagger arrangment.
  • Max Speed 250m²/h (360dpi x 360dpi : 1 pass / Normal).
  • Normal production mode 70m²/h ( 720dpi x 720dpi : 4 Pass Interleave / DBF|mode ).
  • Vinyl, Flex, Banner, and various media is applicable.
  • Enhanced with Dual roll system, capable to print two rolls of 1.6m at same time.
  • Print gap is adjustable according to media. ( 1.4mm, 2.0mm, 2.6mm ).




1.9m Eco-Solvent printer

VE-1904X Printer Brochure



Excellent printer XP-3204T

XP-3204T Printer Brochure